Never Been Kissed

Continuity mistake: When Josie and Rob arrive at the prom, Rob follows Josie and Guy in. In the next shot, Rob and his date are in front. (01:13:05)


Continuity mistake: In the scene when George first begins to flip on the monitors in the van on the first day of his surveillance of Josie, he is not wearing headphones. In the shot that immediately follows, it changes to another angle of George and headphones suddenly appear on his head.


Visible crew/equipment: When all the girls are watching Rob play baseball, they tell Josie she has transitioned and in the top right corner there is a mic drop.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Josie walks out of the house and sees Guy pulling up in the limo, the part in her hair changes from one shot to the next.

Continuity mistake: In the lunchroom scene where Josie is telling her coworkers what a "real" kiss should feel like, the amount of sunlight coming in through the window changes between shots. In one shot, Josie's hair and face are matte, but in other shots her hair and the left side of her face is illuminated by sunlight. All the shots in this scene appear to have been filmed at different times of the day.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Josie and Aldys pull up to the court, the sidewalk beside the car is completely deserted. In the far distance, you can see people hanging out and congregating around garbage cans. Then in the very next shot, Guy is suddenly knocking on Josie's window. There's no way he would've had time to make it all the way from the congregation of people to the car that quickly.

Continuity mistake: In the pie-throwing scene, the camera shows the blond football player getting hit in the face with the first pie at the beginning of the contest. In the next shot, there are several pies sticking to the wall as if the contest had been going on for a while.

Continuity mistake: In the VHS, when Josie is in the bathroom at the Tiki Post, and before she has the flashback in which toilet paper is put in her bookbag, she pulls the sheets of toilet paper off the roll. You can see in the lower left corner that the toilet paper is hanging off the roll - making it easier for her to pull it off and have it flow like it does. (00:13:05)

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film after Sam kisses Josie, it cuts back to the audience and couples kissing each other. When one of the popular girls is kissing her boyfriend, you see right behind them the other popular girl hitting the guy that tried to kiss her and then she turns around. The very next scene is when he tries to kiss her and she starts hitting him again. (01:39:50)

Continuity mistake: When Josie and the teacher kiss the first time, Josie has her hands on the teacher's shoulders, in the next shot her hands aren't on his shoulders.

Continuity mistake: Josie and Sam are painting the backdrop for the prom. Josie puts paint on Sam's face and he tries to get her back, but when Josie's work people watch the footage you see her putting the paint on Sam's face and then he wipes it off before trying to get her back. (01:00:10)

Josie Geller: Somebody once said, "To write well, you have to write what you know." Well, here is what I know.

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Trivia: The tune the band is playing on the football field when Josie is getting her car is the opening theme from The Simpsons.


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Question: Was Guy in on the cruel revenge prank to put dog food on Aldys, or did he just want to dance with her, and didn't know anything about it?

Answer: Over the course of the evening, Guy learns that being popular isn't the most important thing in the world and wanted to make peace with Aldys. I think he was genuinely being a nice guy and wasn't in on the prank.

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