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Corrected entry: CLU's plan was to lure Sam into the Grid to A) Open the portal to the outside world and B) Lure Kevin Flynn from hiding. So how is it that CLU wasn't aware that Sam had arrived until Rinzler hurt him and discovered that he was a User? The moment Sam came to the Grid, the portal would have activated, which would have been a sure sign of his arrival. And considering that the only place that Sam could arrive was at the Flynn's Arcade within the Grid, shouldn't CLU have set up guards to wait for Sam's arrival and capture him immediately?


Correction: We have no evidence that CLU wasn't aware that Sam was in the Grid. We see him watching Sam play Disk Wars, but he never acts surprised. He asks Sam to identify himself for the sake of appearances. And there were guards waiting outside the arcade to pick up Sam. That's why the Recognizer was there.

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Corrected entry: In the final disc wars battle Sam slides, blocks his opponent's disc (which flies off) and then throws his own disc, killing the other guy. Afterwards you see Sam's disc bouncing off the wall, up, and out of frame. As Sam slides by the camera and drops through the floor, he is still wearing his disc on his back. Effectively Sam isn't supposed to have a disc for the rest of the film, and yet he does. (00:34:00)


Correction: Incorrect. Sam never throws his disc - he uses his own disc to send his opponent's disc straight back to him, giving it additional momentum through his slide. His opponent is killed by his own disc returning to him unexpectedly fast. Once Sam makes the block, he can be clearly seen putting his disc back onto his back, where it can be seen as he drops through the floor.

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Corrected entry: During the light cycle battle, there are five participants on each side (four white plus Sam, four red plus CLU). By the end of the battle, all five of the white bikes have been wrecked, but only four of the red, including CLU's yellow cycle, were wrecked. This leaves one additional program that should still be on the grid tooling around on his cycle.


Correction: It's not necessary to show every single incident that takes place - the remaining program was simply dealt with off-camera.

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Corrected entry: The computer in the hidden room of the arcade had been left alone for nearly 20 years, so how could it have a modern touchscreen interface? Regardless of how much evolved within the Grid, the hardware in the real world should have remained 1980s tech.


Correction: A touch screen interface was very explicitly used by Dillinger in the first movie. And since Flynn took Dillinger's position at the end of that movie, it makes sense that everything that had been Dillinger's is now Flynn's.

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Corrected entry: If CLU's plan was to lure Sam into the Grid to draw out Kevin, then why did he try to kill Sam in the light cycle arena? Sam would have been much more valuable to him alive. Even worse, Sam was almost killed by Rinzler because nobody knew at the time that Sam was a User. Shouldn't CLU have been monitoring the portal for Sam's entry? If CLU's plan was merely to get Sam to open the portal, and the movie stated that the portal could only remain open for a limited time, then wouldn't it have been better to obtain Kevin's disc first?


Correction: Two plausible reasons why he wanted to kill Sam. 1) Even if he killed Sam, Flynn would eventually hear about it and go after CLU, which is what CLU wanted. It would give Flynn a reason to come out of hiding. 2) CLU has a very strong emotional hatred towards Flynn (as evident when he discovers Flynn's hideout). So he may have originally planned to keep Sam as a prisoner, but his hatred overcame him and he decided he wanted to kill Sam instead, to punish Flynn.


Corrected entry: The Programs on the Grid have developed all sorts of new weaponry such as swords and fighting staffs, so why do they still use the Identity Disc as a throwing weapon? Loss of the disc results in "immediate de-resolution", so it makes no sense the Programs would want to toss them around.


Correction: CLU and his henchman have set up the games. The prisoners have no choice but to play the games by their rules. Thus some game rules require them to use their discs whether they'd want to or not.


Corrected entry: When Sam is fighting Rinzler, gravity inside the arena is reversed causing them to fall towards the ceiling. Rinzler attempts to jump towards Sam and Sam smashes the floor beneath him to trick Rinzler like he did to Lizor. Thing is, the glass falls properly towards the ground rather than being affected by reverse gravity.

Correction: The combatants are the only things affected by the gravity switch.

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Corrected entry: During the scenes when Sam and Flynn are walking round the "battleship", you can see that Flynn has a disk on his back by the ring of light, despite losing it in the end of the line club.

Correction: Quorra gave Flynn her identity disk prior to letting herself be captured by Rinzler [Tron]. The disk he's seen wearing is hers up until Clu removes it at the Portal bridge.

Corrected entry: At the fight at "the end of the line bar" when Kevin Flynn enters, we see over twenty rebels killing guards scene by scene. The fight is almost won but Kevin Flynn escapes with Sam and Quorra and then a guard steals his disc. Although there were over twenty rebels in the bar and only this guard, none of the rebels who worship Kevin Flynn try to retake his disc from the guard or Castor/Zuse. Actually you can see that all the rebels are getting out of the scene in a hurry when the guard shoots his rope. The bar is completely empty when Castor/Zuse is performing some lovely dance moves.

Correction: Once Zuse had the disc, no rebel would dare to try to get it back. Especially after they saw Zuse was trying to make a deal with Clu. At that point they thought they had lost, and there would be no point in trying to fight.


Corrected entry: In the very end of the movie as Sam is about to walk out of Flynn's Arcade, he walks towards the door which is visibly bright. After he opens the doors the light come into the arcade. But after he is outside the sky is still dark. Then he takes Quorra to watch the sun rise.


Correction: The porch area immediately outside the doors is well lit, as is the intersection in which Sam and Quorra are standing. More than enough to have a considerable amount of light shining in through the door windows.

Tailkinker Premium member

Correction: I think she has that vision, because as soon as she wakes up she says that CLU has the disk, which no one knew at the time.

Corrected entry: After sending his father to take a ship for escape Sam goes to retake his fathers disc,a door opens and two guards get out to see what is happening,Sam jumps behind them, kicks one to the cliff and trips the other.From the shot from the top it can be seen that second guard actually falls to platform but then rolls himself to cliff.

Correction: He's spinning as he falls - he lands on the platform, but momentum carries him over the edge.

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Corrected entry: Sam interfaces with a computer using his Nokia N8 tilted sideways and plugging on the left. The left side of the N8 (if tilted sideways) is the video out - a non-input terminal. There's no logical way the hardware would have allowed him to interface with other devices using that port! The actual input for the device is at the bottom (if tilted sideways).

Correction: Do we know for sure if that N8 is a factory original stock or if it was modified by Sam to do things that original N8 can't do? Sam's a computer whiz, he could have made hardware modification to the N8.

Corrected entry: After reading Sam's disc, Clu tosses it to Rinzler who catches it in his left hand. In the next shot, Rinzler is not holding anything. When Rinzler and Sam turn around, suddenly the disc in is Rinzler's right hand.

Correction: After being tossed the disc, Rinzler has moved it to his right hand and it is hidden by his body for most of the shot. However, just says "Two for two" you can see a hint of the white disc at Rinzler's thigh being held in his right hand.

Corrected entry: Sam acquires a second Light Cycle rod during the cycle fight. It's the one he was going to hand off to his teammate when Clu derezzes the guy. Sam sticks it on his right leg. Then Clu destroys his bike and Quorra rescues him and takes him to Flynn's hideout. The rod can be seen attached to Sam's leg in the elevator ride up to the main room of the hideout. However, it's gone in the wide shot of Sam and Quorra arriving at the top floor. It's seen again in the shot of Sam from behind, but after that it is never seen again despite being a more logical choice for transport back to the city than Flynn's older Light Cycle. (00:48:25)


Correction: As we've already seen in the film, standard light cycles are not equipped to go off-grid, which is why Rinzler's unable to chase Sam and Quorra after she rescues him in the arena, so the baton's effectively useless to Sam. In order to return to the central Grid, he has no choice but to use one of his father's specially designed vehicles, either the Light Runner or his father's older Cycle. And Sam's just more of a motorbike person.

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Corrected entry: In the Grid, it is implied (by Clu's appearance) that programs never age and users still do (as is implied through Kevin's older appearance). Yet it shown in a flashback that Tron, (a program played by Bruce Boxleitner in both movies) seems to have aged along with Kevin.

Correction: In the flashback, right when Clu reveals himself to Kevin and Tron dressed in orange, Kevin and Tron are seen together, and it is perfectly clear that Bruce Boxleitner's age has been digitally altered to look younger, as well as Jeff Bridges. Since Tron's face is only shown in the flashbacks, we have to assume Tron didn't age.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie, Sam is riding downtown on his motorcycle. He rides past a radar gun which rates his speed at 8.6 (not 86). Hardly fast enough to be chased by a police motorcycle.

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Correction: The 8.6 on the readout of the radar gun is the time in seconds it took to get the speed Sam was traveling at, which was the other number on the display, 103. Sam was going 103 mph, not 8.6.

Corrected entry: When the camera pans away (circling) from the top of the ENCOM building where Sam Flynn and the security guard are talking, a crew member with a camera is visible to the lower left of the screen on the building pointing the camera with a light up at Sam.


Correction: There are two men standing on the corner of the building looking up at Sam, and they are both security officers with flashlights.

Corrected entry: Clu has sent Alan a message via the pager that is lying around somewhere in Flynn's - but due to Kevin's statement the programs can not know wireless communication and for a fact a pager battery doesn't hold that long.

Correction: No, the message wasn't sent via a pager. It was sent TO Alan's pager from a phone line. Alan even mentions that the phone number had been disconnected for over 20 years. Even if you discount this explanation, pagers have been readily available since 1974, so Clu would have been familiar with paging.

Corrected entry: When Sam enters the arcade, his hoodie is white. After he is transported inside the computer, when he runs out of the "digital" arcade, his hoodie is black.

Correction: The hoodie is not white but rather a dark grey. In the grid it was darker thus giving the appearance that it's black.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Flynn is asking Sam to go, Quorra has Flynn's disc on her back. In the next shot she says "Sam, it's what he wants" and the disc is no longer on her back. And then in the next shot it's on her back again before she gives it to him.

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Kevin Flynn: Your old man's about to knock on the sky and listen to the sound.

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Trivia: The two 'disc jockeys' in the soundbooth of the 'End of Line' club are actually Daft Punk, the French group that created the movie's soundtrack.

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Question: What exactly was Clu's vision of "the perfect system"?

Answer: Going by Clu's behavior and personality in the film, Clu's idea of a perfect system was likely a system where every component worked as intended and as expected. One where every action by programs could be consistently predicted. The Isometric Algorithms very existence went against everything that he believed was "perfect", in that by their nature their actions could not be predicted. Users also seem to exist in contrast to Clu's beliefs as their human emotions cause them to act irrationally and erratically.


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