Lonegan has a reading with Marcus in London. He tells him that Jason cannot look after him anymore and that it is time Marcus looked after himself. Marcus later calls Lonegan and tells him which hotel LeLay is staying at. Lonegan has a vision of himself and LeLay kissing. They meet, smile and walk away together.


Continuity mistake: When Marie dinners with Didier for the last time, the girl behind has either her hands on the table or grabbing the menu, depending on the angle.


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George Lonegan: Sometimes, I mean you know, knowing everything about someone, it seems nice, but really, maybe it's better to hold stuff back.

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Trivia: Given that Clint Eastwood has composed much of the music for his films over the last 25 years, it's not surprising that the soundtracks of "Hereafter" and "Unforgiven" are incredibly similar, if not interchangeable.

Charles Austin Miller

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