Johnny Come Lately

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Continuity mistake: The bandage Jane places on Tom's forehead changes its size and angle between takes.


Jean G

Continuity mistake: Mrs. McLeod's scarf changes from hanging over her shoulder in front to dangling behind her several times during the park scene.


Jean G

Continuity mistake: During the fight in the back of the speeding wagon, the combatants are in deep shadow in all the close-ups. But in long shots, the wagon is racing through patches of bright moonlight.

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Jean G

Continuity mistake: At the El Dorado Club, Tom places his hat on the table while he talks to Mary. When the shot cuts to a wider angle, the hat is immediately in his hand beneath the table instead.


Jean G

Continuity mistake: As Tom is leaving his office, Bill Swain's half-eaten ketchup sandwich disappears from his hands and is suddenly on the desk.


Jean G

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