You Again

Continuity mistake: In Joanna's bridal shower she gives a necklace to Marni. When Marni is talking to her nanny the necklace disappear between shots.


Continuity mistake: In the post-rehearsal dinner scene where Marni and Joanna start fighting and throwing dishes, Joanna dumps a bowl of green soup over Marni's head. As Will is chastising both of them, the green slime on Marni's clothes and hair changes in each shot when the camera cuts back to Marni. It's most noticeable on her bangs, which are sometimes plastered flat against her forehead and other times are separated into spiky pieces.

Cal K.

Continuity mistake: Marni has acne at the rehearsal dinner, but then when she's sleeping, which is presumably a few hours later, she has no acne.


Continuity mistake: Marni's mom puts the blindfold over his eyes, then there's a shot where you can see just a small side profile of his mouth/chin/neck and the blindfold is around his neck. Then in the next shot, it's back over his eyes again.

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