Going the Distance

Continuity mistake: When playing darts in the pub with her colleague, Erin is drunk. She leaves the pub without a bag, but when she arrives at home, she carries one bag.

Factual error: In the airport scene where Garrett is leaving San Francisco after visiting his girlfriend Erin, they're at the Southwest Airlines counter. He's just checked in for his flight and they're starting to say their goodbyes. He makes a quick comment complaining about getting a middle seat. Southwest has an "open seating" plan where passengers can choose where they sit once they board. So it's a mistake that he would have gotten an assigned seat.

Cal K.

Continuity mistake: When Erin and Garrett are first shown at the breakfast table Erin has a full, untouched glass of pop. During the conversation she takes a large sip. Near the end of the conversation the glass reverts back to the way it was at the beginning of the conversation.


Erin: Suck my dick.
Damon: She doesn't have a dick.
Erin: Yes I do! And you can put your mouth on my penis.

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