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Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr. Krieger demonstrates his genetically enhanced soldier to the general, we are shown that their skin can withstand bullets fired from point blank range. Krieger boasts about the skin being able to resist puncture 20 times better than kevlar yet, not even 2 minutes later, the soldier is being sedated with a needle from a medical tranquilizer gun. Granted that the needle is pointy and bullets are somewhat dull but the force needed to pentrate regular kevlar would break the needle. Not to mention the force needed to penetrate something 20 times stronger than kevlar.

Correction: And yet, if wearing a Kevlar bulletproof vest, a person is protected from bullets, but not all vests are knife proof. The reason is a bullet has high velocity and spreads the impact over a wider area, being duller than a knife, and the energy is almost immediately dissipated on contact. The knife can pierce the vest easier, because it is pointier, sharper, and can be used with less velocity, but more consistent pressure. The same can be said for a needle.


Audio problem: At the start of the movie, the soldiers switch on the lights on the vehicles. Each light has a sound effect to a massive spot light activating, when in reality they are just headlights and wouldn't make any kind of sound.

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