Mr. Mom

Continuity mistake: When Jack kicks the TV it falls backwards, and the screen has snow on it. However, when the repair technician comes in, the screen is broken.


Continuity mistake: When the TV repairman shows up to find out what's wrong with the TV for the last time she says that she found out the problem with the TV: "this shoe." It was a shoe that was left in the TV after Michael Keaton kicked the screen in. However, watch the scene, his shoe never leaves his foot.


Continuity mistake: When Carolyn leaves the house for her first day of work the sun is out, then it begins thundering and raining. It's pouring while Jack takes the kids to school. When Carolyn gets to work, the camera shows a far back shot of her new office building and the streets and all are clearly dry - she could work in a different part of town, but then when she gets in the elevator, which is made of glass and on the outside of the building, it's soaking wet from the rain.


Continuity mistake: When Martin Mull and Teri Garr fly to the West coast on the company's private jet they have a bottle of champagne. There are three shots: both of them, him, and her. During the cutting between shots the ice in the champagne holder keeps disappearing and re-appearing throughout the scene.


Continuity mistake: Just after the baby, Megan, eats the can of chili, she hiccups once or twice. You can hear the hiccup, but her stomach and mouth don't even move with the hiccup.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Megan eats the can of chili, first it is all around her mouth. The camera moves to Jack and the others, then back to Megan. This time the chili is all around her entire fac, not just her mouth. a few shots later, the chili mess moves again.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Kenny lies on his bed after his dad takes his blanket away, his feet are toward one side of the bed, but when the camera angles changes, he is lying in the middle.


Continuity mistake: When Caroline walks in and Joan is on her bed, Joan raises straight up, in the next shot she raises straight up again.


Continuity mistake: The scene where Jack is playing poker with the girls and their kids are in the living room playing. When Carolyn gets home and all the girls leave, none of them take their kids.


Continuity mistake: When Larry is tossed back into the chair, he points at the boss, asking why his firing wasn't told earlier. After the angle cut, both hands are on the arm rests.

Continuity mistake: When Jack kicks the TV it falls backwards, and the screen has snow on it. However, when the repair technician comes in, the screen is broken.

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Alex: Wow, what a house.
Jack Butler: Yeah, probably mortgaged to the eyeballs.
Caroline: Not this one, his great grandfather - Commander Richardson - built it.
Jack Butler: Eh... hand me down.

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Question: Can anyone tell me why Ron and Jinx are wearing black armbands on their left arms during Jack's dream about being shot?

Answer: Black armbands are a traditional sign of mourning, though not widely used today. They are wearing them to mourn for Jack.

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