Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Corrected entry: When Scott says to Wallace in their kitchen, "You know what sucks?", he pulls some fridge magnet letters together to form the word "SUX". Directly underneath the magnets is a clip holding Ramona's phone number, with almost no space between the two. Wallace asks "What?" In Scott's response shot following that, there is suddenly enough space for him to pull in a sideways 8 magnet between "SUX" and the clip. There doesn't seem to have been enough time for Scott to move the clip, and the motion of his hand between shots does not suggest he did so.

Eryn Cerise

Correction: Since the shot cuts away to Wallace, how can you know what motion his hand made at all? A quick and simple nudge with his pinky would have moved Ramona's number out of the way to make room for the 8.


Corrected entry: When Todd uses his telekinetic powers, his eyes and hair start glowing, except for the beginning of the Bass Battle, when he floats in.


Correction: Hardly a mistake since we don't really know anything about his powers. The glowing eyes may be something he uses for intimidation. He's probably able to control the effect.

Corrected entry: When Scott and Stacey are at the park. Stacey says "Time heals all wounds little brother" but Stacey is 18 and Scott is 22.

Correction: Stacey is repeatedly shown to be far more mature than her brother. While, chronologically speaking, she is the younger of the pair, it's hardly unreasonable, given his child-like nature, that she would jokingly refer to him as her little brother.




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