Splice (2009)

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Elsa finishes the protein. However Dren seems to suddenly die of an unknown cause. They bury her behind the barn. Clive's brother Gavin tells Barlow about Dren, and they drive to the farm. When they get there, Dren emerges from the grave, now as a male. He kills Gavin and Barlow and chases Clive and Elsa into the woods. He nearly drowns Clive in a pond, then goes after Elsa. The creature rapes her. Clive impales him from behind with a wooden stick. Dren stabs Clive with his stinger and he dies. Elsa crushes Dren's head with a large boulder. Some time later, Joan talks with Elsa, offering her a large sum of money for her continuing work with the proteins. Then she stands up and we realize that she's pregnant.


Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, when Elsa and Clive are burning Dren's things, Elsa finds some drawings that Dren did of her. When she first pick up the pile, there are four drawings in her hands. When the camera pans out, instantly there are several more.

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Elsa Kast: If you could understand crazy, it wouldn't be crazy.

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