Corrected entry: Bond and Goodhead escape from Jaws in the cable car by throwing a chain over the cable and sliding down. A bad guy in the control booth starts up the gears and the cable car is in pursuit, almost chatching up to Bond and forcing him and Goodhead to drop from the cable. Not possible; the cable car is attached to the moving cable and can only move as fast as it is pulled. No matter how fast that is, Bond is moving with the speed of the cable AND sliding down on the chain. There is no way the cable car could have overtaken him.

Correction: Bond cannot be both sliding down the cable AND moving with the speed of the cable as you describe. Either he is sliding: in which case the moving cable will have no effect on his speed, OR his chain is NOT sliding but is in full contact with the cable: hence he would travel at the same speed as the cable. There were also several cables to each car,so he may have been sliding down one that wasn't moving.

I think what was meant was Bond is sliding down a moving cable, which means the motion of the cable adds to Bond's motion, which together is greater than the motion of the cable car, which only moves at the speed of the cable. It is like hurricanes often have the strongest winds on the right side of the eye, because the storm's motion adds to the circulating wind. You are correct that Bond could have been sliding along a non-moving cable.

Corrected entry: At the monastery in Brazil, Q tells Bond that the liquid Bond wanted analyzed is a highly toxic nerve gas. Bond asks to "see the formula", and when he sees a molecular diagram, he says, "It's the chemical formula of a plant." A plant is an organism, not a molecule, and is no more likely to have a chemical formula than is a human being. Perhaps Bond only meant that the diagram showed the substance was organic?

Correction: What Bond means is that he identifies the molecular diagram as the poison from a specific (and extremely rare) plant. If he could just see that the substance was organic, it would not exactly enable him to know its exact location, would it?


Corrected entry: In space the space shuttles make a jet sound even though there is no sound in space. Even the ones leaving from the space station make this noise and although there might be some rumbling to be heard inside the space station, there wouldn't be anything else since there is no atmosphere for sound to travel through.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: Yes, technically a mistake but the sounds are added for our benefit so we know what's going on. It would be pretty boring if all space scenes in all movies were required to be in silence just to be factually accurate.


Corrected entry: Prior to the boat chase, Bond is travelling up river, so he shouldn't wind up at the top of a waterfall.

Correction: How do you know Bond is traveling upriver? There wasn't any water current visible with exception of the wake generated by all the boats.

Corrected entry: Why is Bond telling Dr. Goodhead about the laser on Drax's shuttle? Surely it would make more sense for her to reveal its existence to him. After all, she has been working with Drax's firm for months, if not years - certainly long enough to learn the activation code for the targeting system, which she reveals to Bond when the first globe is spotted.

Rog the Bodge

Correction: All Bond says is 'Moonraker 5, that's the answer. Drax's shuttle is fitted with a laser'. He is just telling her what they should do, not revealing something to her.

Correction: It was never explained how Bond knew about the laser on Drax's shuttle, so the original comment is still valid.


Plenty of time for her to have told him off screen.

Factual error: The space station rotates for pseudo-gravity, but everyone falls along the rotational axis towards the bottom of the screen instead of falling outward from the axis as they actually would. Admittedly this would be difficult to film (Stanley Kubrick's astronaut jogging in a giant hamster-wheel in Space Odyssey - nuff respect) so I guess they just hoped the audience wouldn't know the difference. (01:29:40)

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[The staff of MI6 are watching a large screen that shows Bond and Dr. Goodhead making love in space.]
Minister: My god, what's Bond doing!?
Q: I think he's attempting re-entry, sir.

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Trivia: The film's budget had been more than the first six Bond films added together, but Broccoli's gamble paid off. Upon release in the Summer of 1979, the film enjoyed huge success globally, and the film easily recouped its budget.

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Question: What did Bond say in front of Drax which made Jaws reluctant to send Bond to his death in space?


Chosen answer: His comments to Drax were about the physical and mental perfection that Drax required for those chosen to repopulate the Earth. As Dolly (Jaw's girlfriend) needs glasses, she falls short of those criteria (as, quite probably, does Jaws himself), which makes him wonder whether Drax won't simply get rid of them once he's carried out his plan. As such, he chooses to ally himself with Bond rather than risk Dolly being harmed.

Tailkinker Premium member

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