Sex and the City 2

Corrected entry: At Stanford's wedding Carrie and Big are getting ready. Carrie's hair style is crimped, pulled back, and has a braid at the top of her head. When you see her at the next scene her hair style is changed. It is now curly with some crimping and pulled back in a softer way, and the braid is now gone.


Correction: There is time between the getting ready phase and the actual wedding. It is very plausible, and totally within character, Carrie decided to change her hair slightly.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene after the wedding when they are having breakfast Charlotte says she is waiting for Trey who is at golf to pick the children up and not Harry.

Correction: This is incorrect, She says Harry.

Corrected entry: Miranda says that Arabic word for yes is "Haanji". But the correct words for yes is "Aiwa/na'am". "Haanji" is the Punjabi(is an Indian Languge)for yes.


Correction: Character mistake.

raywest Premium member

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