The Back-up Plan
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Playground Dad: It's awful, awful, awful. Then a small moment happens, that's so magical. That makes it all worthwhile.

Zoe: Sorry I didn't get a pedicure.
Dr. Scott Harris: What?
Zoe: Er, my toes I'm sorry.
Dr. Scott Harris: I'm not looking at your toes, I'm looking at your cervix.
Zoe: Right, now I kinda wish you were looking at my toes.

Stan: It's been 2 weeks now, all she ever wants to do is sleep with that pillow.
Playground Dad: The pillow is a bitch, its totally replacing you right?
Stan: Totally completely, she drags it everywhere.
Playground Dad: My wife, she drew eyes on hers so when I went to make a move in the middle of the night the pillow is staring at me, like uh uh bro, I don't think so.

Dr. Scott Harris: I have a feeling you and CRM-1014 are going to make beautiful babies together.

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