The Back-up Plan
The Back-up Plan mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene where Jennifer Lopez does not have her body pillow, she has to use her friend/neighbor as a pillow so she can sleep. The nightshirt Jennifer is wearing allows you to see the fake pregnancy belly she has on.


Continuity mistake: During the scenes at his farm when Stan has his shirt off, he is bare chested. Later during the scene in Zoey's bedroom, when Stan is removing his shirt, he has a hairy chest.


Audio problem: When Zoe reunited with Stan at the Farmers market (after the wedding scene) they talk, and as the camera pans to the side of Stan's face, he says "Zoe, after all this time." You can tell this is a voice dub due to the fact of his lips saying something else, and the sound levels/background noise dramatically differ.

Continuity mistake: When Zoe uses the hose to stop the fire on the table Stan's shirt gets dirty, in the next shot the shirt is cleaner.

Continuity mistake: The bread in Zoe's hand keeps changing between shots from having a bite taken out of it to a whole slice.


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