The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

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Gottfried Vanger (now dead) turns out to be a serial rapist/murderer and his son Martin has taken over the family business. He attacks Blomkvist, but denies killing Harriet. Salander attacks Martin and chases after him, but Martin's car crashes and explodes. Blomkvist deduces that Anita Vanger is actually Harriet. It is presumed that the real Anita is dead and Harriet felt kindly toward her because she helped her sneak off the island after she found out that Martin was raping women. Henrik and Harriet are reunited, but the information Henrik promised Blomkvist on Wennerstrom turns out to be no good. Salander then borrows some money from Blomkvist and goes on a holiday in disguise, hacking Wennerstrom's accounts and transferring the money to her own accounts. Wennerstrom is later found dead. Salander goes to give Blomkvist a gift, but sees him with Erika, tosses the gift in the dumpster and walks away.


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Lisbeth Salander: He's had a long standing sexual relationship with his co-editor of the magazine. Sometimes he performs cunnilingus. Not often enough. In my opinion.
Dirch Frode: Well, you were right not to include that.
Lisbeth Salander: I know.



The overall timeline of the film is about twelve months but it is inconsistent as far as the seasons. When Blomkvist arrives at the Vanger's island, it is the dead of winter with deep snowfall. A short while later, when Blomkvist is talking to the detective on a pay phone (who asks if he is surviving the winter weather), the snow is gone and the deciduous trees have no leaves, but a few minutes later, when the scene cuts to Henrik Vanger being rushed to the hospital, it is suddenly the middle of summer, sunny and the trees are in full bloom. When Lisbeth arrives on the island, and she and Blomkvist are sitting outside at night talking, the trees close to the house are bare and a howling wind can be heard in the background, but the next day trees have leaves. Some weeks later, when Lisbeth saves Bloomkvist from Martin, it is winter again, with heavy frost on the ground and trees are bare once more. A little while after that, when Lisbeth and Blomkvist go to find Harriet, trees on the street are in full bloom. A day or two later, when Blomkvist is talking to Harriet in the park, it is apparently now early spring because the smaller deciduous trees are only just beginning to sprout new leaves while some bigger ones have none at all. At the very end, it's just before Christmas again.



In the coffee shop scene at the beginning, the cashier/server who waits on Daniel Craig is the daughter of Michael Nyqvist, the actor who played Mikael Blomkvist in the Swedish version of this film.