The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Gottfried Vanger (now dead) turns out to be a serial rapist/murderer and his son Martin has taken over the family business. He attacks Blomkvist, but denies killing Harriet. Salander attacks Martin and chases after him, but Martin's car crashes and explodes. Blomkvist deduces that Anita Vanger is actually Harriet. It is presumed that the real Anita is dead and Harriet felt kindly toward her because she helped her sneak off the island after she found out that Martin was raping women. Henrik and Harriet are reunited, but the information Henrik promised Blomkvist on Wennerstrom turns out to be no good. Salander then borrows some money from Blomkvist and goes on a holiday in disguise, hacking Wennerstrom's accounts and transferring the money to her own accounts. Wennerstrom is later found dead. Salander goes to give Blomkvist a gift, but sees him with Erika, tosses the gift in the dumpster and walks away.


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