The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
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Henrik Vanger: You will be investigating thieves, misers, bullies. The most detestable collection of people that you will ever meet - my family.

Lisbeth Salander: He's had a long standing sexual relationship with his co-editor of the magazine. Sometimes he performs cunnilingus. Not often enough. In my opinion.
Dirch Frode: Well, you were right not to include that.
Lisbeth Salander: I know.

Mikael Blomkvist: How come a 23-year-old can be a ward of the state?
Lisbeth Salander: I'm mentally incompetent and can't manage daily life.
Mikael Blomkvist: Since when have they said that?
Lisbeth Salander: Since I was twelve.
Mikael Blomkvist: Something happened when you were twelve? Uh... I'm sorry, That's none of my business.
Lisbeth Salander: I tried to kill my father. I burned him alive. Got about 80 percent of him.
Mikael Blomkvist: Ow...
Lisbeth Salander: I'll make some coffee.

Martin Vanger: The fear of offending is stronger than the fear of pain.

Mikael Blomkvist: I can't find any record of her and I'm pretty good at that kind of thing.
Armansky: She's had a rough life. Can we please not make it any rougher?

Martin Vanger: Bring your drink, leave my knife.

Henrik Vanger: It was then that I noticed Harriet wasn't there. And she wasn't there the next morning, or the next, or the next 40 years.

Mikael Blomkvist: Rape, torture, fire, animals, religion. Am I missing anything?
Lisbeth Salander: The names. They're all biblical.

Erika Berger: Our credibility isn't dead yet.
Mikael Blomkvist: Mine is.

Mikael Blomkvist: I want you to help me catch a killer of women.

Henrik Vanger: Soon you'll know us all too well, with my apologies.

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