Trivia: The avalanche scene, where a "splinter" that hit the Swiss Alps causes the avalanche consists of stock footage from the made-for-TV movie Avalanche, which made its debut a year earlier. (00:59:20 - 01:01:20)

Trivia: Director Ronald Neame has a cameo as a British Representative diplomat.

Trivia: Stanley Mann, the film's screenwriter, has a cameo as a diplomat.

Factual error: When Mission Control talks with Challenger 2, the Spacecraft's camera feeds of the Crew are displayed up on two wall-sized TV screens. Between them is the familiar Mercator map of Earth with the ground track of a low-orbiting satellite superimposed. Challenger is nowhere near low orbit: it's out past Mars, in the Asteroid Belt. The middle screen would have a schematic of the ship's interplanetary path.

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Tatiana Donskaya: One day you will come to Moscow and you will see a clean subway.

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