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Corrected entry: Lawrence is on the train and drops his wallet. The shot is of him in an empty compartment. Next shot is of a man picking up and returning the wallet.he just magically appeared out of no where.


Correction: The scene is a "dream" of sorts. When he awakens, the wallet is in the same spot on the ground along with the newspaper, which he folds in the "dream".

Corrected entry: During the beginning of the movie, shortly after Lawrence returns home, Anthony Hopkins is blowing off the "candles", I wonder what type of "lamp" that is. The lights should not fade off. You can obviously compare the effects when he blows off the candle in the next moment.

Correction: If they are oil lamps, which they are, the wick, which is soaked with oil, will continue to glow for a few moments after the flame is blown out. That's why they fade out like that.

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Corrected entry: After Larry's rampage through London he hides in Gwen's shop. Gwen returns and using a wall switch turns on the electric lights! (Year=1891?).


Correction: She was actually turning up the gas for the lamps.


Corrected entry: The film is set in 1891 and depicts a scene where the wolfman attacks a bus full of passengers, yet the earliest motorised buses were not introduced to London until 1902.

Correction: The bus seen in the film is steam powered, which were in use since the 1830's.


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Gwen Conliffe: It is said, there is no sin in killing a beast, only in killing a man. But where does one begin and the other end?



The chunks of ice in the asylum dunking scene appear and disappear. When Lawrence is brought to the surface, he has two chucks of ice on him that fall off leaving none, but when the shot cuts to him being raised and locked upright, there's a chunk of ice on his right arm. A minute later when he's lowered again into the tank, there's a large chuck by his hip but vanishes when the shot switches showing Lawrence's left side.



Makeup artist Rick Baker has a cameo appearance in this film. He's the man who whistles to his comrades who are approaching the gypsy camp then a few seconds later, gets killed by the werewolf.