The Last Airbender

Trivia: This is the first adaption M. Night Shyamalan directed.


Trivia: Gran Gran tells Katara and Sokka about her old friend Hamma, one of the last waterbenders rounded up by the Fire Nation. In the original series, Hamma is the Southern Tribe Waterbender that teaches Katara bloodbending in Book 3.

Trivia: Shyamalan first gained interest in the project when his daughter asked if she could be Katara for Halloween. He watched the show and became hooked.

Trivia: Noah Ringer, the kid that plays Aang, was a martial arts State Champion in his home of Texas. To keep cool in the dojo, he shaved his head, and later painted a blue arrow on his head when his friends commented that he looked like Aang.

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