The Last Airbender

The Last Airbender (2010)

Ending / spoiler

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Commander Zhao kills the Moon Spirit, depriving the Water Tribe of their powers. The Water Princess gives her life to the Spirit so it can live. The Water Tribe kill Commander Zhao. Katara freezes Zuko and Aang spares his life, but Zuko escapes. Aang scares off the Fire Nation by demonstrating his control over the ocean. The Water Tribe bow to Aang. The Fire Lord assigns someone else with the task of killing the Avatar and it turns out to be Zuko's sister.


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Uncle Iroh: It was not by chance that for generations people have been searching for him, and now you have found him. Your destinies are tied, Zuko.



Before the battle, the leader of the waterbenders says that he will have everyone extinguish as many sources of fire as possible. When the firebenders come up from the ground at the start of the battle, all of the torches lighting the city are lit.



This is the first adaption M. Night Shyamalan directed.