A Prophet

A Prophet (2009)


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Lattrache: What's your thing? How do you do it? What are you? A prophet or something?
Malik El Djebena: I did Reyeb.
Lattrache: Fuck, you've come a long way.

César Luciani: Fill out a parole application. I'll have it treated in priority. In the meantime, you can go on leave. You go out for me, you come back, and you get paid. What do you say?
Malik El Djebena: What's the risk?
César Luciani: There is no risk. Staying here is the only risk.

César Luciani: Thatta boy.
Malik El Djebena: Just another Arab thinking with his balls.

César Luciani: If you weren't spying, what were you doing? Making fun?
Malik El Djebena: If I was making fun, I'd never have told you.

Jordi: I like porn set in castles. The girls are fancier, cleaner.

Ryad: "We ate" is the past. Now try the subjunctive. "Would... that we ate."
Malik El Djebena: People say that?
Ryad: It's wild. I never did but they do.

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