Miller's Crossing

Miller's Crossing (1990)

Ending / spoiler

Eddie Dane attempts to kill Tom, but is killed by Caspar who was convinced that The Dane was going to betray him. Tom sends Caspar to his apartment where Caspar expects to find Mink, but instead he finds Bernie. Bernie kills Caspar, and when Tom and Bernie realize they can't pin the murder on anyone (and also Tom's anger from being blackmailed), Tom shoots Bernie. While walking away from Bernie's funeral, Leo tries to get Tom to work for him again, but Tom refuses. Leo walks off.

Varun Rajiv



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When the two assassins enter Leo's bedroom and try to gun him down, the one on the right has left his tan overcoat open. He's the one that escapes from Leo initially. Shortly thereafter, Leo guns him down, firing up into a second story window. At this point we see that the assassin's coat is now buttoned up, probably to conceal the numerous squibs used in his death scene.