Miller's Crossing

Miller's Crossing (1990)

15 mistakes

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Deliberate mistake: When the two assassins enter Leo's bedroom and try to gun him down, the one on the right has left his tan overcoat open. He's the one that escapes from Leo initially. Shortly thereafter, Leo guns him down, firing up into a second story window. At this point we see that the assassin's coat is now buttoned up, probably to conceal the numerous squibs used in his death scene.


Revealing mistake: When the little boy steals the wig from the dead Rug Daniels' head Rug blinks and twitches his lip.



Continuity mistake: When Bernie pays a visit to Tom after he decided not to kill him, Bernie has a pistol lying on the small table next to the armchair he is sitting on. When Bernie is talking first the gun is white, but when the shot changes to Tom and back to Bernie the pistol somehow turns into a black one.

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Continuity mistake: In the powder room scene where Tom throws his drinking glass at Verna's vanity mirror, it makes a small crack in the upper left hand corner. The next shot shows a huge crack in the middle of the mirror.


Continuity mistake: Caspar's fat son comes into his office to tell him about the school prize he has got. When Caspar slaps him because he doesn't shut up the paper cutter on the desk changes its direction for one shot.



Continuity mistake: When Verna slaps Tom in the dressing room he falls against a trolley, and a lot of stuff gets scattered across the floor between the mirror and the trolley. When we see the trolley again the stuff is now lying on the far side of the trolley.



Continuity mistake: Before Leo comes to Tom's place to look for Verna we see through a mirror that Tom is sitting on his bed. In the next shot, when the camera is directly on the bed the blanket is arranged differently, and Tom is sitting much more towards the edge than in the shot before.



Continuity mistake: At the end of the scene where Tom tells Leo that Verna has spent the night with him the whiskey glass on the table in front of him disappears.



Continuity mistake: A hat appears on the floor after the Dane kills two of Leo's henchmen in Verna's room.



Continuity mistake: When Tom gets back to his apartment after the dressing room scene he receives a phone call regarding his betting debts. When he hangs up Bernie appears in the chair opposite him although one could see the empty chair when Tom walked in, and at least the hat on Bernie's knee, if not more of him, should have been in the picture.



Deliberate mistake: Tom's dream shows his hat blown away by a strong wind. However, only some dead leaves on the ground move with the wind while the leaves on the trees are totally still.



Continuity mistake: The scene where Leo comes to Tom's place to ask about Verna starts with a shot on Tom's hat lying on a cupboard. There's a clock next to it that shows 4.30, however, the clock on the wall behind Tom when he talks to Leo shows 3.20. After Leo leaves Tom goes back into the bedroom, and the alarm clock on the bedside table shows 5.20.

00:10:10 - 00:11:30


Revealing mistake: When the club Sons of Erin gets attacked by the police the whole place set on fire by a grenade, and even a brightly burning victim comes flying out. However, the fire dies within a few seconds obviously to allow the patrons to attack the police with automatic guns from inside.



Continuity mistake: Before Leo comes to Tom's place in the middle of the night Tom is seen sitting on his bed all by himself. After Leo has left a few minutes later Tom goes back into the bedroom, and in the bed there is Verna fast asleep.

00:10:20 - 00:15:20


Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Leo turns Caspar down by refusing to kill Bernie, when Caspar jumps up angrily, the cigar on Leo's desk turns around and then back in the next shot.



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