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Corrected entry: Anna is flying from America to Ireland yet the plane lands in Wales due to turbulence. Geographically this doesn't make sense as the plane would have already passed Ireland to get to Wales.


Correction: It stays that Dublin international is closed due to weather, not that they are changing airports due to turbulence therefore Cardiff; as a close international airport in the film, is perfectly in line with the story.

Corrected entry: Declan's ex girlfriend was named Kaley, but when he actually met her in Dublin, he called her Janet.

Correction: Declan calls his ex-girlfriend Kaley when he mets her in Dublin not Janet.

Corrected entry: When Anna meets her father in the bar he at first mistakes the drunk next to her for her fiance, shakes his hand and all that. Then, without any correction from Anna, he proceeds to ask her to tell him about her REAL fiance. They must have cut out the small bit where Anna corrects Dad.

Correction: More likely the father has a sense of humour (likely considering the actor is best known for a comedy role), and probably having met the fiance several times already goes along with the drunk's joke.

Corrected entry: As Declan's car is supposed to be a Taxi it does not carry certain legal requirements a Taxi should carry: Roof plates, dash plates and dash mounted photo identification. The dashboard does not have a printer for legally required receipts. If meant to be a hackney then it does not have the front and rear bumper plates required there also.

Correction: I think it's meant to just be a privately owned car that he will "help" drive someone around. Not exactly legal, but it happens.

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Just before Declan and Anna are going to sleep in the B&B, when she agrees he can sleep in the same bed he is holding a pillow. He then puts the pillow on the bed and the pattern on his and hers pillows are on the left side, however the next scene shows that his pillow pattern is on the right.