Annie (1999)

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Corrected entry: We know that there are more girls at the orphanage than just the ones that sleep in the same room as Annie. At least 4 or 5 other girls are seen during the song "Little Girls. When Ms. Hannigan leaves Lily in charge of the orphanage she tells her she can not leave the children alone, and so when Lily goes to Mr. Warbucks' home she takes the children with her. But she only brings Annie's roommates so where are the rest? If she'd decided to leave them alone, or with a babysitter, why not just leave Annie's roommates there too?


Correction: Annie's roommates know and care about her. These girls squeeze the truth out of Lily about what's going on, and then make Lily doubt Rooster. The girls who were concerned about Annie followed Lily of their own volition to come to Annie's aid. Lily, being a criminal and admittedly not motherly, left the other girls behind because she cared more about getting her cut than making sure Miss Hannigan wouldn't get in trouble for leaving the kids alone.

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