St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold
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Camilla: Some women, Annabelle, are born great: Cleopatra, the queen, me. Some become great, like Mother Teresa or Lady Gaga. Others have greatness thrust upon them, like Monica Lewinsky.

Roxy: Don't you think this whole idea is a wee bit unfeasible?
Annabelle Fritton: This is St. Trinian's. We don't know the meaning of the word "unfeasible."
Chelsea: That's true.

Lucy: Hah! In your face! In your face! Face of a supermodel. Brain of a super noodle.
Chelsea: Lucy! Do you really think I look like a supermodel?

Chelsea: And, therefore, Lucy will always be a virgin.
Lucy: What? As opposed to a brainless slapper, you mean. Seriously, she'd snog a melon if you drew a mouth on it.
Bella: That's not fair! It was a grapefruit, actually, and it was years ago.
Chelsea: Bella! That was a secret.

Zoe: There's no reason to be scared of death. 'Cause death is, you know, like life, but all of the crap gets taken out. Like poverty and fascism and Miley Cyrus.

Factual error: In the movie they search for two matching rings, which contain geographical location of the treasure. The rings were casted in 1589, and uses Greenwich as Prime Meridian. This wasn't established however until nearly 300 years later in 1851.

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Trivia: One of AD1's members also played the bank manager in the first film.

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