Continuity mistake: During the Japanese bombing of Midway, you can clearly see, briefly, battleship masts in the background. Recycled footage from TORA, TORA, TORA.

Revealing mistake: When the PBY is leaving Midway to begin the reconnaissance operation a long stretch of land is passing by in the background. The same stretch of land is earlier when Admiral Nimitz lands at Pearl Harbor indicating the same location was used for two different areas in the film.

Continuity mistake: When Eddie Arnold's plane crashes (using stock footage) the aviator in the cockpit is wearing no headgear. When he is being pulled from the plane, he is wearing headgear. (01:52:13)


Revealing mistake: When Admiral Nagumo and Rear Admiral Kusaka walk onto the bridge of the Akagi for the first time while the ships are still in Hiroshima Bay look closely at the bay in the windows, it's obvious the background is a matte painting, the water isn't moving.


Visible crew/equipment: On the first torpedo attack on the Japanese carriers, US pilot George Gay is shot down. He exits the plane and swims towards a square floating object. Either he takes size 28 shoes or the actor was wearing fairly short black swim fins. They show twice very briefly above the water. Hard to see, but nobody has feet that long.

Jack McNally

Character mistake: When the Strawberry 5 radio operator says he sees the enemy carriers he says "they're behind us" but he's looking to his left side almost as if the carriers are in front of him while the navigator in the cockpit is looking in the opposite direction.

Revealing mistake: Probably another instance of the recycled footage issue with this film. When the Japanese planes begin their attack on Midway Island a wide shot shows many of the Japanese planes with torpedoes attached to them. Shouldn't they all have bombs instead of torpedoes?

Factual error: When the final attack by Japanese fighters on the last U.S. carrier is happening, a Japanese National flag is flying on screen.

Captain Garth: Can I ask you something personal? Very personal?
Commander Rochefort: Sure.
Captain Garth: You know, it really stinks down here. How often do some of your people take a bath?
Commander Rochefort: Bath? Hell, I don't know. What day is it?

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Trivia: The film-makers only had three vintage US aircraft for the production, namely two F4F Wildcat fighters and a PBY Catalina search plane. All of the other aircraft that appear are from either wartime footage or from previous war movies.

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Question: When is The Coral Sea Battle shown?

Answer: It's shown in the original 4 hour movie. Most of the scenes from the Coral Sea Battle are cut from this version and the battle is referenced, but never really shown.

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