Revealing mistake: In the final scene where Fonda and Holbrook are looking over the carrier at the crowds on the dock you can see that only the first rows of people are dressed in period clothes, the rest of the crowd are dressed as they would have been in 1976 when the film was made.

Revealing mistake: Utility poles are visible in the scene of the Japanese aircraft carrier launching planes for the first attack on Midway.

Revealing mistake: In virtually every shot of the flight deck looking up at the fighters and bombers overhead attacking the U.S. ships, the anti-aircraft guns show the red paper caps of the blanks rather than pointed bullets.

Revealing mistake: Still another "Recycled Footage" sighting, plus a double error in one: A scene has a truck blown up during the "attack" on Midway by a Japanese Fighter Plane. Same footage (a bit cut for time) from "Tora! Tora! Tora!" and Midway is small enough that trucks of that size weren't used on the Island.

Revealing mistake: Just before the Japanese planes were launched, you can see that the maintenance workers for the planes weren't moving. They were just statues.

Revealing mistake: Probably another instance of the recycled footage issue with this film. When the Japanese planes begin their attack on Midway Island a wide shot shows many of the Japanese planes with torpedoes attached to them. Shouldn't they all have bombs instead of torpedoes?

Revealing mistake: When the PBY is leaving Midway to begin the reconnaissance operation a long stretch of land is passing by in the background. The same stretch of land is earlier when Admiral Nimitz lands at Pearl Harbor indicating the same location was used for two different areas in the film.

Revealing mistake: When Admiral Nagumo and Rear Admiral Kusaka walk onto the bridge of the Akagi for the first time while the ships are still in Hiroshima Bay look closely at the bay in the windows, it's obvious the background is a matte painting, the water isn't moving.


Continuity mistake: During the scene when Torpedo Eight squadron is slaughtered during its attack on Nagumo's carriers, Ensign George Gay's aircraft changes appearance several times. This is due to the different snippets of wartime footage being cobbled together. When the squadron commences its attack, his plane is a Vindicator. When his plane is the last one left, it has changed into an SBD Dauntless. When Gay's plane has been hit and is diving towards the sea, it has become an Avenger. Finally, when his aircraft hits the water, it has become a Hellcat.

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RAdm. Frank J. 'Jack' Fletcher: I'd give my retirement pay to know what Nagumo is up to now.
Captain Garth: Same thing we are, Admiral - Sweating it out.

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Trivia: The film-makers only had three vintage US aircraft for the production, namely two F4F Wildcat fighters and a PBY Catalina search plane. All of the other aircraft that appear are from either wartime footage or from previous war movies.

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Question: When is The Coral Sea Battle shown?

Answer: It's shown in the original 4 hour movie. Most of the scenes from the Coral Sea Battle are cut from this version and the battle is referenced, but never really shown.

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