Armored (2009)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the money is loaded on to the armored vehicles, the money is first taken out of one metal box and put into two others. This is never the case in secured transports of large sums of money. The money is always placed in the box in the vault by the sender. The box is locked and sealed and will only be opened by the recipient in the vault to were it is delivered. Security guards do not handle the money, they just transport it. Also, one vehicle would have been sufficient to transport the box the money was initially in.

Correction: Not all companies have the same procedures. At the place I worked, the money was signed over, the security guard/courier was responsible for it to delivery. The sender did not pack the money, in fact didn't even handle the money, and the courier had to count and pack it. This was for all sums of money, and one trip I made from the airport to the vault took over 1 hour for a 5 minute drive due to the amounts involved. On occasion, we would split large amounts of money between a couple of cases, and different trucks to lessen the impact if a truck was robbed.


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