Planet 51

Corrected entry: When Chuck and Lem win the Humaniacs contest, Chuck has an iPod taped to the microphone and dancing to a song. Kind of impossible since Chuck's iPod got shot to pieces earlier in the movie.

Correction: This is incorrect, he tapes his phone to the mic.

Corrected entry: When Chuck is on the operating table trying to convince Professor Kipple that his brain has turned to mush and is therefore not worth taking out, you can see that there is nothing inside his nose.


Correction: Chuck NEVER has anything in his nose. It's just the way he's animated.

Fawkes the Phoenix

Corrected entry: All of the aliens are able to stand up normally, which gives the impression that the planet has gravity. But, the hamburgers that the alien flipped near the beginning of the movie, when Chuck first stepped out of the spaceship, give the impression that the planet has no gravity.

Correction: No, they don't. They give the impression that these aliens' grilling technology is light years ahead of our own.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: This film is supposed to be set in the equivalent of the '50s. Hippies weren't around till the '60s, so Blarg's about 10 years too early.


Correction: The alien planet is supposed to be similar to earth, but not identical. For them, hippies showed up earlier than on earth.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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