The Mexican

Other mistake: When Brad Pitt puts David Krumholtz in the car after Krumholtz is hit in the head by a falling bullet, if you look closely you can see him breathing despite the fact that at that point he's already dead.

Other mistake: In the Mexican after Jerry kills "Leroy" (James Gandolfini) by the car near the end of the movie, he is still breathing. When Sam gets over to the car and starts yelling at Jerry, watch "Leroy" and he is still blatantly breathing. To the best of my knowledge, dead people don't breathe that heavily.

Continuity mistake: When Julia Roberts has thrown all of Brad Pitt's clothes out of the apartment you can see that they change. At first some are in the suitcase and some are on the ground. Then all of them are on the ground. Then back to some in the suitcase. It changes throughout the entire scene.

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Jerry: I don't know what it takes! I'm new in the fuck you business.

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