The Hurt Locker

Corrected entry: In the sniper scene, after the bullets are cleaned of blood. The fresh magazine that he hands him is full of empty shells.

Correction: It was not after the blood was cleaned off the bullets it was when the magazine was first handed to them after they cleaned the blood off the bullets sanborne loaded rounds individually not with the magazine.

Corrected entry: When Sanford takes over the Barret sniper rifle from the killed (presumably) Blackwater guy, he takes position exactly where he got killed. Sanford appears to have sniper skills, as well as James as he immediately takes the spotter position. Given that they otherwise do not appear overly stressed, it would be highly unlikely to appear at the very same position. They should have changed position after the first kill.

Correction: Correcting my own entry here; The bomb squad members are trained in using the Barrett sniper rifle, to destroy bombs at long range. But as they are not actually fully sniper trained, they make all the mistakes already mentioned; taking the same position as a previous hostile, not realising that they could have used the .50 cal bullets to devaste or disturb the enemy position much easier and fumbling with the ammunition whilst being exposed.


Corrected entry: EOD personnel would NEVER attempt to manually-defuse an Improvised Explosive Device. A BOT (robot) would be deployed holding a chunk of C-4, which would then be dropped or placed on the IED and then sent back to the command post. The C-4 would then be detonated with the resulting pressure-blast usually detonating the IED. The potentially of a lethal-outcome of an EOD member manually-defusing an IED would be beyond great. Many IEDs are booby-trapped and/or daisy-chained to other explosives.


Correction: That's exactly the point! Everyone around him sees his actions as suicidally insane.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When SFC James is pointing his pistol at the taxi driver's head, you can see that the back of the slide lacks the ambidextrous safety which is present on all M9 Beretta pistols. (00:20:00)


Correction: The Beretta SFC James is using is the basic model 92. It has a slide mounted safety on one side only. You can tell it's an old model Beretta by the rounded trigger guard.

Corrected entry: In the sniper scene in the desert, the shelter the insurgents are using was built by mud or brick cinder blocks. Since the Barrett is actually an anti-materiel sniper rifle, i.e., to be used against vehicles that are armored, .50-caliber armor-piercing bullets from a Barrett M107 would have cut through those blocks like a white-hot knife through butter. The Barrett rifle has absolutely devastating power, and if Sgt. Sanborn had enough .50-cal. bullets he could have collapsed the small building on its foundation.


Correction: But he didn't, so he couldn't.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: During the Sniper scene, when the rifle jams repeatedly, Sanford attempts to clear the jam each time by cocking the weapon without first removing the magazine. This is a no-no and a drill that any trained soldier learns in basic weapons training.

Correction: You're absolutely correct, but this is deliberate on the part of the film makers to show just how scared Sanborn is forgetting basic weapon drills that are designed to ensure this wouldn't happen. He's the most inexperienced of the team, and far more experienced soldiers are getting shot and killed and Sanborn's actions are influenced by this.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, you see Sgt. James walking to a new bomb-disassembly mission. When his suit changes from uniform to bomb-shield, you can see a man with a grey t-shirt and camera in his hand in from of James in the reflection of his helmet, just above the visor at the right. The next scene shows nobody in front of him. (01:05:25)


Correction: Throughout the movie we have seen Iraqi civilians videotaping him defusing bombs, some with ties to terrorist groups, who, for obvious reasons, would tape him, then slip away from the area.


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