Robbery (1967)

5 mistakes

Factual error: When the ambulance arrives the policeman, at the crash scene, is wearing a City of London Police helmet (different from the Met) yet he is in a Metropolitan Police area.

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Revealing mistake: When the brown Vanden-plas hits the skip you can see that the cars engine has been removed also the moment of impact is shown twice.

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Other mistake: The brown car that crashes into the skip at the start of this film (Vanden-plas reg no 'HOF 302D') can be seen a few minutes later parked by the roadside when the police car is chasing the grey Jaguar.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Paul is leaving the scrapyard in the blue van, as he turns round, you can see the camera lights reflected in the side of the van.

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Other mistake: When the convoy of getaway vehicles arrive at the scrap yard, after dropping the loot of at the airfield, two of the jeep type vehicles have the same registration number - 247EJF.

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