Moon (2009)

Ending / spoiler

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Lunar Industries has been using clones of Sam Bell for the past 12 years. The clones' life-spans only last the duration of their 3-year "contract." Instead of being shipped home they unknowingly incinerate themselves. The Sam Bell from the start of the movie is at the end of his life-span and helps his replacement to escape. Before he leaves, the replacement destroys the jammer which prevented live feeds to the base. The replacement escapes to Earth and brings this to the attention of the media.


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Sam Bell: You look like a radioactive tampon.



When Sam speaks with his daughter on the long range phone there is virtually no delay between some questions and answers. It takes over two seconds for radio waves just to travel from the Moon to the Earth and back in a straight line. The interval between question and answer physically can't be shorter than that and realistically should be around 3 seconds or even more, accounting for additional signal relays and time needed for a person to form a statement.