Sherlock Holmes

Revealing mistake: When Holmes is looking at the white mark on Watson's fiance's ring finger in the restaurant, shortly afterwards a blue flashing light goes past the window.

Revealing mistake: The film is set in 1891. After Holmes escapes from Parliament, Thomas Thornycroft's statue of Boadicea on the Thames Embankment next to Westminster Bridge can be seen, even though it was not completed until 1905. (01:35:45)

Nick Cooper

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Holmes is sitting on the chair next to Sir Thomas's dead body, the body's eyelids twitch.

Revealing mistake: When Holmes rolls and almost falls off the bridge at the end, it's obviously the stunt double as he catches himself. The double's hair isn't quite as long and you can see it is sprayed or gelled into place, as it doesn't move at all like Robert Downey Jr.'s.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Watson and Adler are laying out the map, they place two objects on the map to hold it down. In the very next clip where it shows Holmes talking, you see Watson and Adler placing those same objects on the map.

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Irene Adler: Why are you always so suspicious?
Sherlock Holmes: Should I answer chronologically or alphabetically?

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Trivia: In the scene with the French Giant all of the French lines they speak were originally in English. Director Guy Ritchie found out that the man actually spoke French as his first language and decided on the spot to change it to add to the mystery of the film.

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