Sherlock Holmes

Trivia: In the scene with the French Giant all of the French lines they speak were originally in English. Director Guy Ritchie found out that the man actually spoke French as his first language and decided on the spot to change it to add to the mystery of the film.

Trivia: When the film was originally released, an uncredited actor voiced Professor Moriarty, who remained in the shadows. After the release of A Game of Shadows, Moriarty's dialogue was re-dubbed by Jared Harris.

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Trivia: To create the distinct sound of the film's soundtrack, Hans Zimmer used a broken piano.

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Trivia: During the film Holmes and Watson are analyzing a pocket watch as a key piece of evidence. Their observations of the watch being scratched by a frequently drunken man's hand, and it being engraved by numerous local pawn shops is paraphrased from the classic Sherlock Holmes novel: The Sign of Four.


Trivia: When Holmes leaves the hospital after the slaughter house scene we cut to a street and the pub is called The Punchbowl. Director Guy Ritchie and Madonna co owned a pub in London called the The Punchbowl.

Trivia: Watson points out that one of the vials of liquid in Holmes' possession is "used for eye surgery". In the late 18th century, cocaine was used as a form of medicinal treatment for multiple eye injuries and diseases. In the novels, Holmes is in fact, a cocaine addict.


Factual error: In the scene depicting life on Baker Street (after the "Sherlock Holmes" title), a horse-drawn carriage races through the streets of London. The only problem is, the carriage is driving on the right side of the road with others passing on the left. In England, carriages would be driving on the left. (00:07:05)


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Question: When Ambassador Standish fires his gun, causing himself to burst into flames, what happens to the bullet fired at Lord Blackwood from, what appears to be, roughly 20 feet away?

Answer: The gun was modified to where it would not fire a bullet. It remained in the barrel.


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