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8. 5/10. A pretty amusing movie directed by and starring Gene Wilder. The man was a comedic legend who knew how to be funny unlike today's hacks. Kelly Lebrock seems to be enjoying herself here as does Gilda Radner. I found the concept of a married man pursuing the woman of his dreams is amusing, We've all felt like that maybe which makes this movie all the more interesting. Wilder plays things perfectly, showing his creative and comedic genius nicely.


Continuity mistake: When Charlotte hastily makes the bed and shoves Ted out onto the window ledge, the bed covers rearrange themselves between shots: a purple sheet that she'd tucked in before is now peeking out over the bedspread. (00:15:05)

Jean G

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Charlotte: Are you crazy? He's going to tear your balls apart.

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Question: How did Miss Milner know that it was Teddy who (unintentionally) asked her out on a date? She couldn't see him and he didn't introduce himself so I am very confused.

Gavin Jackson

Answer: She had a secret lust for him. She was the office (Sex and the City) Samantha Jones. Plus they were married in real life, so the joke was that he despised her, while she wanted him.

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