Year One

Continuity mistake: In the scene after Black and Cera become guards for the city of Sodom, they are told to line up in formation. Cera's character claims to not have a sword but when they are walking outside to line up you can see he has a sword in his scabbard.

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Year One mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Towards the end after the high priest has been "sacrificed" in Sodom, Z is talking to the crowd and as the shot changes between facing forwards and turning round to talk to O (after the first burst of rain) his hair changes from soaking wet to virtually dry depending on the view.


Continuity mistake: In the scene at the beginning of the movie Maya casually displays her unshaven armpits, but for the rest of the movie they are shaven.

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Continuity mistake: The first night, Jack Black is sitting on a log with his friend and he's smoking a pipe, but suddenly the pipe is gone.

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