Mary Poppins

Revealing mistake: As Mary and Bert sit at the Penguins' tea tent, when Bert calls for the waiter, the background shows through his head, revealing the live action matted in over the animation.

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Revealing mistake: As the turtle closest to the camera struggles with Bert's weight, Mary's heel clips through the turtle's beak. Also, though a combination of animation and live action, neither Bert or Mary has any kind of reflection on the water, real or otherwise.

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Revealing mistake: When Mary Poppins goes to bring out the hat stand and the mirror, you can tell that the underside of the table is masked with a overlap of the background to make the illusion complete. Also, when she pulls out the mirror, watch the table leg closest to her, and the bottom of the mirror pass, because the illusion is not quite far enough to cover it.

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Continuity mistake: When Admiral Boom makes his appearance, and asks about the time gun, he states "Three minutes and Six seconds" until the hour. However, the argument between Katie Nanna, the maid and cook, and Mrs. Banks' "Sister Suffragette" number, and Nanna's announcement of departure take a total of five minutes and ten seconds until the gun is fired.

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Continuity mistake: When Jane and Michael sneak inside the chimney, Jane's hands change positions between the front and back shots.

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Revealing mistake: After Michael and Jane have been sucked into the chimney and then pop out, Mary Poppins pops out a short time afterward. When she does so, a dark, obvious cable can be seen supporting her.

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Continuity mistake: When Mary Poppins is reading the childrens' torn-up note to Mr. Banks, she is wearing a pair of white gloves. The next shot is a close-up and she is wearing black gloves. And then finally a room shot, where she's wearing white gloves again.

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Suggested correction: The gloves appear black due to the bright light being show through the paper to show off the torn parts. It is a dark shadow.

I disagree. The gloves are actually black padded gloves instead of thin cotton gloves and are definitely a dark color.

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the movie after Mr. Banks throws the kite in the air and the camera shows the kite, you can see a white wire to the left of the kite that isn't the kite's string that pulls the kite over.

Revealing mistake: After the letter is torn up and Mary is in the house talking to George, one minute her glove is white, the next it's purple.

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Suggested correction: Her glove is white, the entire time. It's a trick of the light that makes it appear a different color.

Other mistake: When Admiral Boom orders the gun to fire on "the Hottentots" (the sweeps) the rockets sticking out are in the order of a small red on top, a large green in the middle, and a large red on the bottom. A moment later, he orders another salvo, but the rockets are in the same arrangement. The chances of the arrangement being identical twice, unless done carefully, are very slim.

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Revealing mistake: After Bert pulls up his pants to bring the dance challenge to an end, as he walks to the other side of the clearing, both he and the background can be seen through the penguins.

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Continuity mistake: When the kids enter their home after being found by the cop, Michael brings his kite with his right arm raised, and the kite standing up noticeably. A frame later his hand is down and the kite is laying so low it can't be seen.

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Continuity mistake: When Mary takes the mirror out of her bag the kids stand far from each other, but appear closer together in the close-up shot. This also happens when she takes the lamp out.

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Audio problem: After the credits, Bert makes a riddle about the cop and right after his accordion is heard, but he isn't playing it.

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Continuity mistake: When Bert is showing Jane and Michael his chalk sketches and doing his tightrope demonstration, you can see the pigeons in the corner on the far side of the bench. In the next shot when Jane points out the English countryside, the pigeons are right behind Bert again and walking away.

Factual error: When they are up on the roof singing the songs there are faint TV aerials in the distance.

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Suggested correction: Nonsense. The sequence is obviously shot on a soundstage with the cityscapes depicted by painted backdrops and matte paintings. Please specify exactly where you saw these supposed aerials.

Continuity mistake: Mr. Banks is about to interview the nannies and looks at his watch. His handkerchief is longer on the right side. When the angle changes, both sides are equally long.

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Continuity mistake: When Mary, Bert, and the children enter the tea parlor and see Uncle Albert floating by the ceiling, the camera cuts to Bert behind Mary, then Bert in front of Mary (Bert preparing to laugh and levitate), then a shot of the children shows Bert behind Mary again. Bert cannot move this fast in a split second.

Audio problem: After Bert rescues the Fox from the dogs the Fox says "Tis an elegant merry go round horse." If you look closely you'll notice that the voice recording is slightly off-sync with the animation on the Fox's mouth.

George Banks: Kindly do not attempt to cloud the issue with facts.

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Question: The very last mistake listed for Mary Poppins says that you can see the lamp post coming through the bag and the table. I have watched this scene many times (in slow motion and otherwise) and I can't seem to find what you are talking about. Could someone please explain it's talking about?

Answer: There's no reason you shouldn't be able to see it, it's so obvious, unless you have the movie on DVD. It's possible they fixed the framing of the scene for its DVD release.

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