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Corrected entry: At Andy's funeral Jerry Lawler's real life wife Stacey "The Kat" Carter can be seen sitting next to him, but the only problem is Andy supposedly died in 1984, and Jerry Lawler's wife would've only been 14 at the time. I don't even think that they met till a couple of years later, yet she's still there and looks to be about 29 or 30 - her current age. (01:43:05)

Correction: Stacey Carter is not playing herself. She wasn't even credited in the movie. She is simply a funeral goer.

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Corrected entry: In the scene that depicts the infamous Andy Kaufman vs. Jerry Lawler match, the movie has Jim Ross as the play-by-play man for the match. In the actual match it was the ring announcer in the movie, Lance Russell, who was the original play-by-play man, not Jim Ross. (01:10:00)

Correction: Jim Ross (credited as James Ross) is simply an actor playing the role of wrestling commentator. It is never said he is playing himself and he is never referred to as Jim Ross. The credits even list hi as the role of wrestling commentator.

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Corrected entry: In one scene we see Tony Clifton performing on a stage (played by Carrey). And then Andy suddenly shows up on stage next to him dancing. We later learn that Tony that night was portrayed by Andy's friend Bob Zmuda. Trouble is Zmuda looks nothing like Andy. He is much shorter, overweight and has a double chin.

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Correction: And yet, this actually happened. Zmuda did perform as Tony Clifton.


Corrected entry: Andy somehow already had a recording of the reading of The Great Gatsby ready to go on his record player, before knowing that the college audience was going to annoy him by clamouring for Latka.

Correction: Andy was dogged everywhere he appeared to "do" Latka, to the point that he grew to hate the character. The record player was there to trick people into thinking he was going to do his Mighty Mouse theme-song routine, another act he was pressured to do everywhere he went. It makes perfect sense that he'd anticipate this.

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Corrected entry: When Andy comes to George Shapiro's office for the first time he makes a big fuss about which chair to sit on and finally settles upon the left one. When he gets up again he does so from the right one. (00:22:30)


Correction: That is because Andy changes seats when he refuses to star in 'Taxi'. When he refuses, he stands up, walks around a bit and sits down in the other chair.

Corrected entry: Tony Clifton was supposed to guest-star on a "Taxi" episode from the first season. On the set, one can see Christopher Lloyd and Carol Kane, who didn't join the show until the second and third seasons, respectively.

Correction: It is not shown that it contains an episode of the first season. Could be another season as well.

Corrected entry: It's easy to see that David Letterman was inserted into the talk show scene digitally - his body is "stretched" vertically and doesn't appear as clearly as Lawler and Carrey.

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Correction: Letterman wasn't added digitally, he shot the scenes with Jim Carrey during production. In the real interview, Letterman looks a lot younger.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Andy has just met Lynn and they are about to wrestle, when they reach out to shake hands notice that they both reach out with their left hand; the shot is reversed.

Correction: It is not reversed. Jim Carrey is left handed, so it probably was a natural move for him.

Corrected entry: When Andy and Jerry Lawler are on Late Night with David Letterman in 1982, Dave looks like he does now (eyeglasses, a lot less hair.) At least the "Taxi" cast members used hair dye, makeup, and '70s clothes to somewhat blend in. (01:14:35)

Correction: Letterman was digitally inserted into the shot, so his "performance" was actually him during the original interview. Can't get more real than that.

Corrected entry: When they arrive at the 'Taxi' stage one of the prostitutes who accompanies Tony Clifton is wearing a blue dress. Suddenly, from one shot to the next, she is wearing an orange t-shirt. (00:44:40)


Correction: Television shows are not necessarily worked out, recorded, and completed in a few hours, it can sometimes take days or more, especially when the cast is still working on the script. It's completely plausible for the ladies to have changed from morning wear to afternoon wear, or even change day-to-day.

Corrected entry: When Andy and Lynn go to the movies on their 1st date he buys a large popcorn. When they both leave the movies the popcorn container is still full to the top.

Correction: This isn't a mistake; the humor is that they purchased tickets to the movie strictly to go to the snack counter. After buying popcorn they left the theater...without ever watching the movie.

Corrected entry: When people lose their hair due to cancer treatment they lose ALL their body hair. However, Andy keeps his eyebrows until he dies. (01:36:50)


Correction: This is not true. People lose varying amounts of hair due to cancer treatment. Some lose no hair, some lose only their head hair, some lose all their body hair; it depends on the individual. Also radiotherapy often only induces hair loss in the area treated.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, Andy has lost his hair due to his cancer treatment and you can see stubble on his head - obviously because he shaved his head. In reality, someone who receives cancer treatment will lose their hair completely and have no stubble at all. (01:36:50)

Correction: Not all cancer treatments result in complete hair loss, some have large patches of hair falling out while the rest is not affected, cancer victims may choose to shave their heads for an even appearance.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Andy and his girlfriend are at the movies, you can see in the background that the movie is E.T. This happens before Andy gets in that famous fight with the wrestler that ends up with a vocal battle on David Letterman. The actual fight took place in early April 1982, a full two months before E.T. premiered in the theaters.

Correction: Yes this scene takes place prior to the movie's release, but it isn't at all uncommon for movie posters to be displayed well in advance of the movie's premier. There are posters around for Shrek 2 already, not due out for at least another 6 months (at the time of writing)

Corrected entry: When Andy and Bob first enter the whorehouse, Bob enters first then Andy enters and tries to leave. I could swear that Bob says "Jim" instead of Andy, trying to coax him back into the whorehouse.

Correction: Bob says: "Would you... come on. Come on.."


Revealing mistake: In the David Letterman scenes, Paul Schaeffer's head is shaved, which he just did recently (maybe within the last year to year and a half). (01:15:00)

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Andy Kaufman: I'm going to the Philippines.
George Shapiro: The Philippines? What's in the Philippines?
Andy Kaufman: A miracle.

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Trivia: During filming, nobody was allowed to call Jim Carrey by his real name. Whether the camera was rolling or not, Carrey stayed in character, and everyone was instructed to address him as "Andy."

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Question: What is the meaning of bit at the end of the movie, the big guy with the sunglasses? It shows Andy's 'sidekick' and the guy on stage, who was in the suit entertaining the crowd?

Answer: We're supposed to wonder if Andy didn't really fake his own death.


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