The Man from Snowy River

Corrected entry: When the wild brumbies stampede, Jim jumps on his boss' new horse bareback in the corral to ride after the escapees. However, Jessica's father learns Jim rode his expensive new horse against orders because sweaty saddle marks are later discovered. In the first place, riding bareback doesn't cause saddle marks. In the second place, Jim would never ride a horse and put it away wet like that. No decent horseman would.

Correction: Jim didn't "put the horse away like that"... He was taken, unconscious, from the ground when he was thrown. He was still recovering when Jessica's father returned. It would have been left for Jessica or her Aunt to groom the horse - Jessica was probably more concerned about Jim. Also, her father spoke of girth strap marks, and these would have been as a result of Jim's breaking of the colt during the preceding 10 days.

Corrected entry: When the colt is leading a stampede of wild horses that run over Jim, there is a man riding a horse in the back of the pack.

Correction: There are in fact two wranglers herding the horses, the second one is in the middle of the shot amongst the "wild horses."

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