The Wings of the Dove
Movie Quote Quiz

Kate: Every time she smiles, remember that I love you more.

Merton Densher: She's alive, Kate, more alive than anyone I've ever known.

Kate Croy: You're still in love with her.
Merton Densher: I was never in love with her.
Kate Croy: While she was alive, no.
Merton Densher: I'm sorry, Kate. I'm so sorry.

Merton: You want me to seduce a dying girl? And what makes you think she'll just leave me all her money?
Kate: I know her. I know how she loves.

Kate Croy: These wretched aristocrats can't even heat their houses.

Aunt Maud: Try to look as if you've worn it all your life. It's yours.

Kate: Promise me - on your honor - that you're not in love with her memory.

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