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Major Payne (1995)

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Continuity mistake: During the confrontation with the cadet's drunken parent, Damon Wayans forgets to remove his earring before shooting. Pay attention to his ears - you'll see an earring in one shot and then nothing.


Continuity mistake: When the boys are sneaking in to take the pictures of Payne, the first time you see him in bed the clock says it's 4-something. When they come back and get the boy in the dress in the bed, the clock says 12-something.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Payne is holding up his fist asking Alex whether he wants him gone or not, his fist changes position. When they do the close-up of Payne, his fist is right by his head. When they show him from the back it is about a foot away from his face. It goes through this 2 or 3 times.


Other mistake: As Major Payne is sitting at the train station, a CSX freight train goes by the station. He then looks down at the gift Tiger gave him and he then looks up at the end of a Amtrak passenger train on the same tracks.


Continuity mistake: In the scene when Alex is given his "promotion" and they are standing outside, he tells the Major his first order is to "screw you, sir" and his right sleeve is visibly rolled down while his left sleeve remains rolled up. In the next shot, showing the major, you can see Alex's right arm on the left side of the screen with the sleeve rolled back up.


Other mistake: During the drill performance towards the end, the cadets' rifles bounce around like rubber, but you can hear the sounds of a hand hitting a real weapon from time to time.

Revealing mistake: When Payne has the grenade, the top is blue. Indicating a practice grenade.


Factual error: When Damon Wayans gives the nurse the bullet, explaining that he had removed it from his heart (presumably having been shot with it), the bullet is still whole, i.e. including the cartridge.

Factual error: During the first few minutes of the film we see Major Payne report into the General. Major Payne then salutes, however, he does not have a cover on his head. As per USMC/Naval Customs and Courtesies, Marines only render the proper greeting of the day when reporting to a superior officer without a cover, they don't salute. (00:03:20)


Factual error: When Payne is at the train station considering boarding it for Washington DC to return to active duty, it's a southbound train. The station he's in is Ashland, VA - DC is north from there.


Revealing mistake: During the first few minutes of the film when Major Payne reports into the general, his belt loop on his Service Alpha uniform is way off regulation. He has the belt loop hugging the belt buckle when it is supposed to be aligned with the end of the blouse pocket. (00:03:20)

Other mistake: In the scene were Major Payne and the chick he likes come back from the dance, he says, "This is a bullet from my heart." He is supposed to hand her a bullet, but actually hands her the shell casing.


Continuity mistake: When Major Payne screams while telling the story of the little engine that could, the wide shot shows that his hand is on his chair. The close-up however shows that he's sticking his hand out.

Continuity mistake: When Alex is given his promotion you can see that Dotson does not have the rank insignia on his shirt lapel as Payne walks out however in the next scene you can see Dotson exiting with the rank insignia on his shirt lapel in the background when Alex is arguing with Payne.

Cadet Stone: If I'm the new squad leader, then my first order is to SCREW YOU, SIR!
Major Payne: What'd you say to me turd?
Cadet Stone: Why don't you go back to hell where you came from?
Major Payne: Boy, I am five seconds from being on you like white on rice with a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm. I'll put my foot so far up your ass the water on my knee will quench your thirst.
Cadet Stone: Try it.

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