Major Payne

Other mistake: During Payne's daydream at the train station the Viet Cong soldier's gun bounces around like rubber.

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Suggested correction: The statement is correct it's just not a mistake it was done intentionally for comedic effect.

Other mistake: As Major Payne is sitting at the train station, a CSX freight train goes by the station. He then looks down at the gift Tiger gave him and he then looks up at the end of a Amtrak passenger train on the same tracks.

Other mistake: During the drill performance towards the end, the cadets' rifles bounce around like rubber, but you can hear the sounds of a hand hitting a real weapon from time to time.

Other mistake: In the scene were Major Payne and the chick he likes come back from the dance, he says, "This is a bullet from my heart." He is supposed to hand her a bullet, but actually hands her the shell casing.


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