The Secret of Moonacre
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Maria Merryweather: How can I possibly go to live in the country? It's full of... the countryside.

Sir Benjamin Merryweather: His name is Rolf. There are those who find him alarming. He can kill in an instant. But you're a Merryweather. He very probably won't harm you.

Marmaduke Scarlet: It certainly seems very quiet.
Digweed: That would be the absence of the ladies, then, sir.

Maria Merryweather: It is not the pearls but the greed in our hearts which brings us this misery.

Coeur De Noir: She's back in the forest. And this time she won't be leaving.

The Secret of Moonacre mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At breakfast, the morning after Maria has just arrived at her Uncle's house, the uncle calls Maria's father a coward. He has a glass of brown drink in his hand. He's just taken a drink and the glass is 3/4 full. Maria angrily refutes that her father was a hero and the glass, still in his hand, is now full to the brim. (00:19:20)


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