Confessions of a Shopaholic

Continuity mistake: When Rebecca is trying to get her papers out of her bag, Luke holds his hand out for her to hand them to him. The shot changes as Rebecca turns around, and suddenly Luke isn't holding out his hand anymore.


Character mistake: The Finnish businessman says something along the line of "As Scandinavians - we like her". Scandinavia includes Norway, Sweden and Denmark, never Finland (or Iceland); a Finn would know that.


Continuity mistake: In the Lobby scene where Rebecca is just arriving for the interview and approaches the Male clerk, she places her handbag down on the desk and the strap falls down onto the desk. In the next shot, the strap is back on top of the handbag.


Other mistake: When Rebecca gets back to New York, the cab she's in drives past a couple of billboards, advertising Disney's "G-Force", and the upcoming Bruckheimer produced "Prince of Persia". The billboards were reflected in the window of the cab in perfectly clear focus and correctly as the eye would see, not backwards as they should be as a reflection. (00:53:05)

Clerk: [slides card.] Declined.
Rebecca Bloomwood: Can you try again?
Clerk: [slides it again.] Really declined.

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