15th Sep 2010

Gamer (2009)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where John Leguizamo gets shot and falls to the ground. In a closeup shot, John lands belly first on the ground and his arms are bent and his hands are by his face. In the next shot, you see John from above but his arms have magically moved spread out on both sides.


11th May 2010

The Natural (1984)

Continuity mistake: When Number 7 is going to bat and the manager stops him, Number 7 has a bat in his hand. In the next shot, Number 7 and the manager are talking, no bat in hand.


14th Jan 2010

Step Brothers (2008)

Continuity mistake: When Dale and Brennan are in the bedroom after their parents just told them that they are selling the house, Dale is sitting on the bed with the mask on. In some of shots, his legs go from being crossed to different positions and sometimes they are flat on the bed. Also, as Brennan sings and Dale is on the side of his bed, his legs change positions.


Continuity mistake: In the Lobby scene where Rebecca is just arriving for the interview and approaches the Male clerk, she places her handbag down on the desk and the strap falls down onto the desk. In the next shot, the strap is back on top of the handbag.


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