Magnolia (1999)

8 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: In the opening scenes, the police officer carries a shotgun to his vehicle. When he gets into the car, he's got a flashlight and a nightstick.

Other mistake: When Earl's wife is pulling into her garage after picking up the medication, wet tyre marks (presumably from previous takes) are visible on the garage floor.

Continuity mistake: When Earl's wife returns home and gives Earl the fluid tranquiliser, she puts the white medicine bag on the side table near the bed. Later on when she is in the car, she takes the bag out of the pocket of her coat, but it wasn't in her coat.

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the film (in the short story about the man who jumps off a building and is shot and killed on the way down), the bullet is supposed to have killed him instantly, but the actor still puts his hands in front of his face very quickly when he hits the window cleaner's net a few floors down.

Continuity mistake: The length of Claudia's hair changes during what seems to be a period of time shorter than a day. A similar thing happens with the colour of the bartender's lover's hair - it changes from almost blonde to dark brunette.

Other mistake: When the nurse opens the door you can see the big dog looking at the camera; it does this a few times until someone calls him away. Once when the door is opened you can see the person coming in giving a treat to the dog.

Factual error: In the beginning vignettes there is a scene of the pilot playing blackjack in the casino. He's holding his cards, which means he's playing at a table with a two-deck shoe. But the shoe on the table is very clearly at least a six-deck shoe.

Earl Partridge: This fucking lie... it's so fucking hard, so long! Life ain't short, it's long, it's long, God damn it.

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Trivia: During the beginning of the movie, and a little in to it, the number "82" appears 6 or more times, in various places (tattoo on guy being hanged, time is 8:20, etc.) If you consult a bible, you will see that in Chapter 8, verse 2, in the book of Exodus, the passage talks about the appearance of frogs when Aaron holds out his hand.

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Question: What do the frogs stand for? Is it a biblical reference, or could the screenwriters just not think of a better way to wrap up?

Answer: It's much debated the exact meaning, but it's kind of a reference saying that seemingly impossible things do happen. As we see later in the film, people stuck in similarly impossible situations might just have a chance of getting out of them.


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