Push (2009)

Ending / spoiler

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Carver pushes Kira into thinking that she is working for Division and that she was pushing Nick and they never had a romantic history. Nick arrives and Kira tells him this. Nick, Kira, and Carver go to the building where Kira hid the syringe. They lock Nick in the car and get the case but, then the Chinese agents show up. A big fight ensues and all the Chinese agents get killed. Nick escapes, gets the syringe, and threatens to inject himself. He tells Kira Carver was pushing her but, she doesn't believe him. Nick injects himself and dies. After Kira and Carver leave, Cassie arrives and Nick gets up. Turns out they switched the real syringe for a fake one - the one Nick injected himself with. They plan to trade the case for Cassie's mom. Sometime later, Kira and Carver are on a plane and Carver is asleep. Kira looks through her purse and finds a letter Nick wrote her earlier. She opens it and finds a picture of her and Nick at Coney Island, proving Carver lied to her. Written on the picture are the words "Kill him. See you soon. Nick." Kira realizes this and Carver wakes up...


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