Abandon (2002)


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Samantha Harper: You're thinking about the cop, aren't you?
Katie Burke: Maybe.
Samantha Harper: Okay, visualize this with me. You're down in New York consulting with Lou Gerstner or the head of GE telling them how to buy South American countries but on the weekends, you fly back up here to hang out with the cop, do cop things, maybe go to cop mixers.
Katie Burke: I like the cop.
Samantha Harper: Yeah, um, I can see that.

Embry Larkin: You have no grace.

Mousy Julie: Should I tell you what I know? I was going to, but now maybe I've changed my mind.
Katie Burke: What are you talking about?
Mousy Julie: Harrison Hobart is missing... That's two, isn't it?

Samantha Harper: Please, I'll have a double order of escape fantasy and a side order of running away.

Continuity mistake: When sitting around the table with her friends, the book Katie is holding changes between shots.

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